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ZARAFA (2012)

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ZARAFA (2012)

UK Quad 30x40 Single sided - very heavy paper

Condition: C8 Excellent Condition - one edge crease - see images

Type Feature

Approx. Running minutes 77

Release dates 01/02/2016, 09/10/2015

BBFCInsight mild violence, threat

Genre(s) Animation, Adventure

Director(s) Rémi Bezançon,Jean-Christophe Lie

Cast includes Max Renaudin (voice), Simon Abkarian (voice), François-Xavier Demaison (voice), Vernon Dobtcheff (voice), Roger Dumas (voice)

Summary ZARAFA is an animated adventure about a boy who, having escaped from a slave trader, befriends an orphan giraffe and sets out on a journey from Africa to Paris.