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The Outcast (1954 film)

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The Outcast (1954 film)

Belgium small size 37 x 48.5 cm - RARE - Censor stamp on poster dated 1967

Condition: C7 Excellent condition

The Outcast is a 1954 Trucolor Western film directed by William Witney and starring John Derek, Joan Evans, Jim Davis, and Catherine McLeod. The film was shot in and is also known as The Fortune Hunter. The picture's supporting cast features Slim Pickens, Bob Steele, and Harry Carey, Jr..

Plot synopsis

Jet Cosgrave (John Derek) has been cheated out of his inheritance by his crooked uncle, Maj. Linton Cosgrave (Jim Davis) and outcast from the community. Jet tries to clear his name and win back his father’s ranch by hiring some gunmen. Along the way he falls for Judy Polsen {Joan Evans) and also flirts with his uncle’s fiancee