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THE IRON GIANT (2015) Signature edition

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THE IRON GIANT (2015) Signature edition (re-release) Limited showings

Rare - UK Quad 30x40 Double sided

Condition: C8 Excellent Condition

Approx. Running minutes 83

Release dates 12/02/2016, 22/09/2000, 17/04/2000

BBFCInsight mild fantasy action violence, infrequent mild bad language

Genre(s) Fantasy, Animation, Adventure

Director(s) Brad Bird

Cast includes Jennifer Aniston (voice), Eli Marienthal (voice), Harry Connick Jr. (voice), Vin Diesel (voice), Christopher McDonald (voice), James Gammon (voice), Cloris Leachman (voice), John Mahoney (voice), M. Emmet Walsh (voice), Mary Kay Bergman (voice), Ollie Johnston (voice), Frank Thomas (voice)

Summary THE IRON GIANT is an animated adventure about a young boy who befriends a gentle giant robot which has fallen to Earth from space, and which a paranoid government agent wants to destroy.