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Saw - Blood Drive

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SAW (2004)

27x40 Very Rare   Unused Mint  -  Rolled

Type Feature

Approx. Running minutes 99

Release dates 31/10/2005, 11/02/2005, 01/10/2004

BBFCInsight Contains strong bloody violence and language

Director(s) James Wan

Cast includes Tobin Bell, Cary Elwes, Danny Glover, Ken Leung, Dina Meyer, Monica Potter, Shawnee Smith, Leigh Whannell

Giving Til It Hurts: The Annual Saw Blood Drive
The SAW franchise is not only about big-screen blood; it also about the blood that saves lives. With the release of the first SAW in 2004, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures embarked on a cutting-edge promotion tailored specifically to the franchise's profile: a nationwide SAW blood drive that exhorts fans to "Give Til It Hurts to benefit the Red Cross. The SAW "Give Til It Hurts Blood Drive has become a key element of the SAW franchise, as much a part of its annual rituals as the Halloween premiere date. Each year brings a new ad campaign photographed by Tim Palen, Lionsgate Co-President of Theatrical Marketing and fine art photographer, and featuring the SAW nurses, seductive angels of questionable mercy and considerable visual impact. In the five years since the blood drive began, SAW filmgoers have donated nearly 119,452 pints of blood to help save as many as 358,354 lives.

In the first three years of the drive, collection totals doubled year over year: from 4,200 pints in the 2004 inaugural year, to 10,000 pints in 2005, and 23,493 pints in 2006. 

For the 2007 drive, the SAW "Give Til It Hurts Blood Drive acquired two important new partners, the American Red Cross and Yahoo!, to help make the campaign bigger, better and more bloodily ambitious than ever. Lionsgate and the American Red Cross entered into their first formal partnership to administer the SAW IV Blood Drive on a nationwide basis. The national organization teamed with local Red Cross chapters to set up donation centers, a commitment that more than quadrupled the number of centers, from 250 to 1200. SAW star Tobin Bell was featured in several PSA's advertising the event. Meanwhile, Yahoo! provided massive online support for the SAW IV Blood Drive as Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures' key online partner. In addition to providing hundreds of millions of impressions across Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo Movies, Yahoo! also hosted the Blood Drive website. By searching for "Saw Blood Drive" on Yahoo!, users were able to access the SAW IV Blood Drive website, which featured a branded, interactive Yahoo! Map that allowed users to find the closest Blood Drive to their geographic location