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Back To The Future - Future Day

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Back To The Future - Future Day

UK Quad 30x40 Double sided

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October 21, 2015, the date used for the setting of the future events during the first act of the second film, has been called "Back to the Future Day" by the media. The year 2015 also commemorated the 30th anniversary of the release of the original film.

To put it bluntly: if you don't like Back To The Future, it's difficult to believe that you like films at all. 
Adam Smith·Empire
The Guardian, 15 August 1985: The moment the ordinary guy’s mother takes a lunge at him in her bedroom, without knowing he is her son, is a sequence to cherish.
Derek Malcolm·The Guardian

In this 1980s sci-fi classic, small-town California teen Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) is thrown back into the '50s when an experiment by his eccentric scientist friend Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) goes awry. Traveling through time in a modified DeLorean car, Marty encounters young versions of his parents (Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson), and must make sure that they fall in love or he'll cease to exist. Even more dauntingly, Marty has to return to his own time and save the life of Doc Brown.